Requirements for a Period of Stay Abroad

Before beginning your exciting journey abroad, you may have asked yourself what requirements you need to fulfil for a period of stay abroad. This usually depends heavily on your target country and plans.
Have you decided to do an internship, a semester of study abroad, a work-related period of stay abroad, or are you planning to teach or research at a foreign university?
All plans have one thing in common: speaking and understanding the language of the respective country and/or teaching language will help you achieve your plans.
Some (partner) universities even require proof of a certain level of language proficiency. You will need a language certificate which will be awarded following completion of a corresponding language course.
Therefore, it is very important to make sure you check all of the requirements for the respective country and form of stay in advance.
The staff at the International Office and the members of staff responsible for international matters at your department/faculty can be contacted with any questions.