DAAD Tests

(only for members of the university community at the University of Greifswald as proven by staff or student ID card)

The Language Centre provides tests to determine the subject-specific language skills related to applications for scholarships etc. These are held following prior arrangement and cost € 25.00.

If you are a student of law, please contact Ms. Hartmann (Department of Law, Domstr. 20). If you are a student of British and North American Studies, please contact your Department.

Please bring the completed form ‘Language Certificate for Candidates from Germany Applying for a DAAD Scholarship Abroad’ as well as writing materials to the test.

Language Certificate for German Candidates: www.daad.de / www.bvmd.de

Dates and registration for the DAAD Test: his.uni-greifswald.de


Please register for the test on the self-service portal (HIS) at least five days prior to the date of the test. If you would like to be tested in a language other than English, please indicate the language in which you would like to take the test in an email. If you have previously visited a course at the Language Centre, please also provide the name of your teacher.

Information sheet for the DAAD Test [de]


Overview of language tests that are recognised abroad: www.daad.de

List of examinations that free students from taking the ‘Language Certificate for Candidates from Germany Applying for a DAAD Scholarship Abroad’.


Frequently asked questions about the DAAD scholarship in German:   www.daad.de [de]



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